agosto 07, 2011

Terry Riley

By Terry Riley

I first met Pandit Pran Nath, or Fakir Pran Nath, or Guruji (as he was called by his students) in 1970 at the International Airport in Los Angeles. He was coming in on a flight with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela to do some concerts in L.A. and later to come to San Francisco to stay with me and perform at Mills College. He was about the first person off the plane, which I was meeting. I greeted him, and we stood together waiting for La Monte and Marian to disembark. I remember standing there for a long time and him being very silent. We went to the Grinstein's house in Los Angeles where we were staying. Years later, when Pran Nath would tell this story of our first meeting to other people, he would always say he came off the plane, but I didn't recognize him. That used to puzzle me, and I would always say, "Oh, no, you know I came up and greeted you and we stood together." Later I came to understand that what he probably really meant was he recognized me as his student -- possibly even from a former lifetime he recognized me. I think that was his meaning. (...)

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