fevereiro 02, 2012

We all began life in the merchant service

(...) We all began life in the merchant service. Between the five of us there was the strong bond of the sea,and also the fellowship of the craft, which no amount of enthusiasm for yachting, cruising, and so on can give, since one is only the amusement of life and the other is life itself.

Marlow (at least I think that is how he spelt his name) told the story,or rather the chronicle, of a voyage:

"Yes, I have seen a little of the Eastern seas; but what I remember best is my first voyage there. You fellows know there are those voyages that seem ordered for the illustration of life, that might stand for a symbol of existence. You fight, work, sweat, nearly kill yourself, sometimes do kill yourself, trying to accomplish something--and you can't. Not from any fault of yours. You simply can do nothing, neither great nor little--not a thing in the world--not even marry an old maid, or get a wretched 600-ton cargo of coal to its port of destination.(...) (Joseph Conrad, "Youth")